Life Events


(Also known as Christenings)

We welcome all people of all ages for baptism at St Thomas

A time of celebration

Baptism is an occasion of great celebration and involves both believing and belonging. The promises that are made as part of the service affirm belief in God and also a sense of belonging to the church family.

Baptisms at St Thomas

We offer baptisms at 12 noon on the 1st Sunday of every month with no more than two baptism families per service. We aim to make this service as personalised as we can for you and your guests – you can choose the hymns and help to write some of the prayers. We will then invite you to come along to one of our 10am Services shortly afterwards so that you can receive your Baptism Candle and be welcomed into the Church Family. Sometimes, we offer baptism as part of the 10am Service if that is something you would prefer.

Please make contact with the Parish Office if you would like to find out more about baptism.

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Weddings and Relationship Blessings

We will work with you to make your day special, personal and meaningful.

Weddings and Blessings at St Thomas

It would be our joy to celebrate your marriage here at St Thomas. We welcome all enquires about having a marriage service at St Thomas, including those from people who have been divorced. We also offer Blessings of Civil Marriages. We’ll try our best to make your day extra special, meaningful, and d day you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

We hope and pray that in the future the Church of England will be able to offer weddings to those in same-sex partnerships. However, we will soon be permitted to offer same-sex couples a personalised church blessing following a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership and would be delighted to hear from you about this.

Please contact the Parish Office to find out more about getting married or having a service of blessing at St Thomas Church.

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Funerals and Memorial Services

St Thomas Church will be there to help you through one of life’s most difficult times, giving support before, during and after the service for your loved ones.

Funerals at St Thomas

The death of someone you love is a difficult time for family and friends. We will celebrate and give thanks to God for the unique life of the person you knew and loved, whilst supporting your family with prayer and understanding over your sadness and loss. Our services will be created personally for you and set within the Christian message of hope.

If you wish to speak to us directly for more information about having a funeral in Church or at a Crematorium, we would be pleased to help. You do not have to be a churchgoer to have a service at St Thomas, or to have someone from here take a service for you. Alternatively, you can ask your Funeral Director to contact us on your behalf.

Our Churchyard at St Thomas is open for interment of ashes, and the churchyard at East Horrington is open for both burials and the interment of ashes.

A Time to remember

In late October/early November each year, we hold a service to remember all those who have died. All are welcome to this service.

Please contact the Parish Office to find out more about holding a funeral or memorial service at St Thomas Church, or to enquire about burials or interment of ashes.

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