Growing in Faith

We believe that faith, like life itself, is a journey of discovery and growth.

At St Thomas's we try to encourage and enable growth and development in the Christian faith. We recognize that not everyone is helped by membership of a home group, so there is no pressure on anyone to attend. We believe that a pattern of regular, committed worship is the bedrock of the faith - giving us food for our journey and companions 'in the Way'. Here is a sample of what we offer...

Home Groups

There are three evening groups (Tuesdays at 7:30pm) and a morning group (Thursday at 10:00am). We enjoy a time of study and prayer and are very supportive of one another. A warm welcome awaits you if you'd like to come along. Please contact us at the Parish Office 01749 672335.

Julian Group

This group meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month. We are open to, and pleased to welcome, anyone seeking a time of silence and stillness for prayer. This is a little oasis of peace - a time to refresh and renew ourselves. Please see Amy Bigny or contact us through the Parish Office 01749 672335.

We also offer Bible Study notes

Ecumenical Lent Groups; Seasonal teaching via Groups or Compline and address.